The people and organizations who create the project.

Co-founded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
  • Universitat de les Illes Balears

    The UIB is one of the country’s leading universities in teaching, research, international cooperation and technological development and innovation. The UIB is a time-honoured member of prominent international university networks, it has attracted countless students from abroad and successfully joined the European Space for Higher Education.

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  • Centro sportivo italiano

    CSI - Centro SportivoItaliano is a non-profit association, based on voluntary work, promoting sport as a moment of education, growth, social engagement and aggregation, prompted by the Christian vision of man and history at the service of the people and the territory.

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  • Portuguese swimming federation

    The Portuguese Swimming Federation (FPN) is the only entity in Portugal responsible for the definition of mission, values and objectives of national swimming, in all its variants, as well as its promotion and development.

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  • Fundaçao do sporto

    The SFP is a private entity with public utility, as a public-service corporation, with the scope focused on sport development support. Within the members of the SFP we can find national public authorities, private entities and the major enterprises, Portuguese ones or multinationals with delegations in our country.

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  • ICSS Europe

    ICSS INSIGHT is an independent, neutral and global organisation that pursues a vision of a clean, safe and secure sport. Headquartered in London and Geneva and operating offices in Brussels and New York, the ICSS INSIGHT works in close partnership with a wide range of public and private leading organisations, including national and international federations, leagues, clubs and other sport organisations, as well as with governments, regulators, international authorities and the wider sports industry.

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