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Centro sportivo italiano

CSI - Centro SportivoItaliano is a non-profit association, based on voluntary work, promoting sport as a moment of education, growth, social engagement and aggregation, prompted by the Christian vision of man and history at the service of the people and the territory.

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Among the most ancient sports promoting associations in our country, CSI meets the demand of a sport that is not only numerical, but also qualified on the professional, human and social level. Youngsters always make up our main reference point, even if the promoted sports activities are devoted to any age bracket. Educating through sports is the mission of CSI. This is consolidated in the procedure and conscience of the association on all levels. Sport intended by CSI can also be a prevention instrument of some particular social pathologies such as loneliness, fears, dreads, doubts, deviances of the youngest. CSI is a sports promoting institution spread all over the national territory acknowledged by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI). It is recognized by the Italian Episcopal Conference as a Christian inspired association. It is recognized by the Interior Department as a national institution with charitable aims. It is registered in the national register of Social Promotion Associations, recognized by the Ministry of Work and Social Policies. It is recognized by the Department of Education, University and Scientific Research as an accredited institution for the formation of school staff. It has stipulated an understanding protocol for the organization and promotion of sensitization and information actions devoted to students, teachers and parents on the value of sports practice as well as formation, updating pathways and meeting occasions for teachers and parents. It has an understanding protocol with the Ministry of Justice to promote reinsertion and social inclusion activities devoted to the youngest moving around in the external penal area. It is an institution accredited by the National Office for Civil Service to manage projects of voluntary civil service. It is a member of the National Court of Laical Aggregation (Cnal) it represents Italy internationally within the Fédération InternationaleCatholiqued'Education Physique et Sportive (Ficep), gathering the catholic sports associations from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Poland, Slovak Republic, Switzerland at present, besides some sports groups from Madagascar and the former Yugoslavia. It is a member of the Permanent Forum in the Third Sector and has signed cooperation conventions with the Italian Parents Association, with the Childline, etc.

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