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Fundación Sevilla futbol club

Seville Football Club Foundation aims to integrate the company with the promotion and development of sports activity and transmit the values ​​of Seville FC through these sports activities and other social and cultural activities, engaging in current issues affecting the society (immigrants integration, marginal groups, lower echelons, with NGOs involvement, etc).


Seville Football Club Foundation http://www.sevillafc.es/ +34954535353
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Football, thanks to what it generates around it, is an excellent showcase for disseminating values and messages due to its huge media potential.

Big professional clubs, therefore, have an obvious social responsibility, because they are a reference for many citizens and for the younger, the future of our society. Seville FC have understood this for a long time, hence to the occasion of our Centenary in 2005, we created our Foundation, with which we intend to develop a consistent social work, in order to give back to our environment how much it has given us. We are "values". That's the idea and the way to remark it is through the daily activity of the Foundation. We bet on education for tolerance, respect, equality... In short, we bring football to all citizens, and thus the values of sport, in order to get profits towards our society. Presents, among other objectives, such as promoting sports, disseminate social integration, training and cultural activities and social project the image of Seville FC.

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