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Lietuvos sporto Federaciju Sajunga

Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations (LUSF) are association of national sport federations in Lithuania. LUSF was founded in 1996 and it’s the biggest non-governmental sport organization in Lithuania, which unite 73 different sport federations and represent them on regional and national level.


Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations (LUSF) http://www.lsfs.lt/ +37052310637
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LUSF is a member of European Non-governmental sports organizations association (ENGSO).

One of the main tasks of LUSF is to organize complex events in Lithuania, such as Lithuanian youth and junior games, World Lithuanian Games, Baltic Sea Youth Games and etc. LUSF is also actively participating in different kind of projects funded by EU for nine years. Main topics of the EU projects and different kind of national seminars are organized prescribing on federations and their sport clubs staff, coaches and athletes, focusing on their qualification improvement, dual careers aspects and promotion of equal opportunities.

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