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Sport and Citizenship

The Think tank is independent, benefits from 10 years’ experience and has achieved recognition from public authorities and European sports stakeholders. It is therefore regularly consulted by international and European institutions, Member States, the sports movement and civil society which consider it one of the principal points of contact in the domain. It is at present undertaking several European projects, including the PACTE project for the promotion of physical activity.

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Sport and Citizenship reflects on the socio-political issues related to sport.

Their goal is to participate in the construction process of policies, both national and European, in the areas of sport, health, education, citizenship, sustainable development, the economy and social cohesion. Therefore, Sport and Citizenship has been committed since its very beginning to the launch of a European civic dialogue in the field of sport thanks to multidisciplinary and transverse reflections aiming at putting European sport stakeholders in relation with each other: governments, sport movement, as well as civil society, academics and the private sector. Sport and Citizenship is an apolitical and independent platform for new thinking on the role of sport. As such, it is recognized as a privileged interlocutor by the European institutions and the sport movement. Sport and Citizenship’s strengths include the publication of a scientific journal that has addressed the topics of good governance and integrity on several occasions.

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