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University of Ljubljana Faculty of sports

The main mission of the Faculty of Sport of the University of Ljubljana is to educate, train and qualify sports experts for various profiles of work in sport: Physical Education, Health and Fitness, Trainers of different Sports, Sport Management, Sports Journalism, etc.


University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sports http://www.uni-lj.si/ +38612418532
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The aim of the Faculty is to acquire and transmit in-depth knowledge in the various field of human motor activity, in order to meet the increasing demands of society for professional skills in these areas.

The specific objective is to prepare educators, researchers and professionals at university level who will be involved in activities aimed at the achievement and maintenance of the best possible conditions of psycho-physical well-being in our society, in schools, in communities, in work environments and in sport activities, both competitive and recreational. Besides being the main educational center, the FSP has also established research and publishing institutes, special project research groups and research centers. The research projects are conducted in conjunction with researchers from inside and outside the institute. This brings our institute to the center of the development of physical education, health and sport science in Slovenia. International cooperation is an essential component of the activities of the FSP. It is active in developing opportunities for student and staff exchanges within the European Union and worldwide, promotes international research and pedagogic cooperation. We have also developed a strong network in SEE countries, with the bilateral inter-Faculty agreements. One of the priorities in international cooperation is active partnership in EU supported programs and quality research cooperation in order to maintain the high level of scientific competence.

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