Integration of elite athletes into the labour market through the valorisati on of their transversal competences.

Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development, as well support the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Atheletes.

Under the observation that elite athletes struggle to integrate the workplace after their athletic career, the importance of promoting and supporting dual careers is clear. The European project, led by Andalusian Swimming Federation (Spain), aims to obtain recognition of athlete’s “soft skills”, acquired throughout their professional sporting career, so that the recognition can give them a competitive edge on the job market.

Our objectives

  • To create a guide of best practi ces on the valorizati on and recogniti on of transversal competences or life skills of elite athletes.
  • To design a methodological guide for the identi fi cati on and recogniti on of the transversal competences acquired by high performance athletes throughout their sports careers, as well as for the tutoring and accompaniment of them towards their full socio-labour inserti on.
  • To create and implement a training package aimed at elite athletes in the fi eld of transversal competences that are more diffi cult to acquire through sport practi ce, but very important in businesses.
  • To develop and implement a quality label at European level for recognizing organisati ons that are acti vely working in the fi eld of the valorizati on of transversal competences acquired by high performance athletes throughout their careers, helping them to integrate into the labour market once they reti re.
  • To contribute to the networking and cooperati on between educati onal insti tuti ons and sport bodies for the recogniti on of competences and qualifi cati ons that elite athletes acquire through the informal sports educati on as a part of or in additi on to their formal educati on.
  • To guarantee the exploitati on and sustainability of project results.

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